Please note – Tricks may be recorded when instructed by Amy, however no filming is to be conducted during explanation of tricks.

‘The Best of Amy Hazel’ – 2hr

Think of this workshop like a box of favorites! In this workshop you will learn a mixture of Amy Hazel’s favorite stretches, tricks, combinations and dance transitions and/or routine. No workshop is the same, therefor it is important to go to them all! Workshops are catered to studio levels and student abilities, allowing for everyone to benefit from this amazing workshop. Make sure to bring your WHOLE pole bag including grips, knee pads, heels, socks, back warmers, notepad, pen, booty shorts and of course memory on your phone!

Signature tricks and combos – 1.5hr

Known for her unique shapes, Amy Hazel’s signature tricks workshop is one of a kind. Learning a range of strength based techniques, bendy tips and tricks as well as famous signature Amy Hazel moves. Tricks may be requested during the class and will be taught if applicable to the students abilities.

Contortion for all Levels – 1.5hr

Amy Hazel has been training in contortion for 6 years! Her development of skills and knowledge of the body have enabled her to become one of Australia’s bendiest pole dancers. Learn the tricks of the trade in this amazing workshop, focused on partner and active style stretching. Be sure to stay warm throughout class by wearing layers! Also advisable to bring knee pads, blocks and yoga mats. No need to bring a partner but if you have a reliable stretch buddy, it can be very beneficial to the both of you!

Exotic/Lyrical Dance Routine – 1hr

Amy Hazel’s dance classes at Blackbird studio are one of a kind. With over a months wait list, you do not want to miss out on this opportunity. With over 18 years of dance training in a variety of styles, this challenging class will leave you with transitions and movement to help you in creating your own dance choreography! Splits is preferred for this workshop and make sure to bring your knee pads and long socks – and heels for exotic!

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